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How to Adjust Your Rotor Sprinkler Head

Click the to the left for support videos on Hunter’s Rotor Series Sprinkler Head With the most reliable rotors in the industry, Hunter has created a series of videos to explain rotor operation, adjustments and servicing.

How to adjust your controller with too many start times

Click on the video to the right for support videos on working with Hunter Controllers. Hunter controllers lead the industry in innovative design, with easy to use programming features and a focus on water conservation. The videos below provide you with information on Hunter controller product features, along with assistance with common programming procedures and functions.

Programming Odd & Even Days and Programming Interval Watering

Click the video on the left to learn how to program your controller to water every other day by selecting odd or even days of the week to water. You will also learn how to set an Interval day schedule that skips 1 to 31 days between watering.

Spring Turn On Backflow Diagram

Click on the link to the right to view a step-by-step guide on your irrigation backflow.

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