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Get your system ready for our wonderful Minnesota winters! Once freezing temps hit, it becomes very difficult to get the water out of your sprinkler lines, which can be very expensive in the spring to fix.

Water Wizard will run your system on air, to deplete water in lines. In order to perform this service, we will need to have the water to the sprinkler system turned off in the basement, and have access to the controller in the garage.

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Note: we are not responsible for PVC pipe, hardware store sprinkler parts breaking, faulty shut-off valves in a basement, worn out/old sprinkler heads that break during this procedure.   

Finally it’s SPRING! Watch for notifications about spring turn-on dates.

We look forward to servicing your sprinkler systems in Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Champlin.

Spring start-ups will get your underground sprinkler systems in Eden Prairie, Edina, Golden Valley, Shoreview, running for the summer months to come, ensuring proper operation.

Water Wizard will pressurize and inspect the backflow unit, test the mainline of the system for any leaks, reprogram your controller for proper time and operation, inspect rain sensor, and go through each sprinkler zone individually, adjust, clean, and inspect all sprinkler heads. We will note any repairs that are needed for optimal operation, and present that to you for your approval before any extra work would be performed. 

Payment is due at time of service, and we are offering a $5.00 discount for all check and cash payments.

Having issues with your system? Give us a call and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Even if you purchased your system from another vendor, give us a call!

Time to upgrade or change your system? We are happy to take a look!

Adding a pool? We can reconfigure your sprinkler system to accommodate!


How to Adjust Your Rotor Sprinkler Head

Click the to the left for support videos on Hunter’s Rotor Series Sprinkler Head With the most reliable rotors in the industry, Hunter has created a series of videos to explain rotor operation, adjustments and servicing.

How to adjust your controller with too many start times

Click on the video to the right for support videos on working with Hunter Controllers. Hunter controllers lead the industry in innovative design, with easy to use programming features and a focus on water conservation. The videos below provide you with information on Hunter controller product features, along with assistance with common programming procedures and functions.

Programming Odd & Even Days and Programming Interval Watering

Click the video on the left to learn how to program your controller to water every other day by selecting odd or even days of the week to water. You will also learn how to set an Interval day schedule that skips 1 to 31 days between watering.

Spring Turn On Backflow Diagram

Click on the link to the right to view a step-by-step guide on your irrigation backflow.

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At Water Wizard Irrigation, we pride ourselves in great service. If you are having issues with your irrigation system, whether we installed it or not, we will work with you to make your lawn look great!