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Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota – Water Wizard Irrigation has been serving the Twin Cities Metro Area since 1988.


Winterization Scheduling

The Green Winterize Post cards have been mailed. Please schedule your fall winterization as soon as possible from dates listed on your card.

Once Freezing temps hit, it becomes very difficult to get the water out of your sprinkler lines, which can get very expensive in the spring to fix.

Water Wizard will run your system on air to deplete water in lines. In order to perform this service, we will need to have the water to the sprinkler system turned off in the basement, and have access to the controller in the garage.

Cost for this service is $70 for 4 zones or less, $85 for 9 zones or less. There is a $5 discount if you pay with check or cash. Payment is due at time of service.

NOTE: We are not responsible for pvc pipe, hardware store sprinkler parts breaking, faulty shut off valves in basement, worn out/old  sprinkler heads that break during this procedure.   

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Service List

Water Wizard Irrigation specializes in residential properties, but will also install and service sprinkler systems for commercial properties.

We will come and do a free estimate and schedule an installation to best meet your needs.

Get your system ready for our wonderful Minnesota winters!

Finally it’s SPRING! Watch for notifications about spring turn-on dates.

Having issues with your system? Give us a call and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Even if you purchased your system from another vendor, give us a call!

Time to upgrade or change your system? We are happy to take a look!

Adding a pool? We can reconfigure your sprinkler system to accommodate!


Pride in Professionalism



Special tools, like our pie cutter Disc, positioned in front of the blade, is made special in Nebraska to pre-cut sod without causing considerable damage to existing sod and landscape. The Disc, working along with two pressure plates, helps to make a smooth clean slit which allows for quick healing. Typical pipe depth is 8” to 10”.


All licensing, fees and inspections are handled exclusively by Water Wizard Irrigation, LLC. All exterior plumbing is 100% copper pipe which is done by a licensed plumber and all electrical connections are performed by a licensed low voltage electrician.


Our main machine can tackle the toughest ground – its advanced technology and power is suitable for any/all types of jobs. Fitted with a pipe puller, the machine “sneaks” the sprinkler pipe under ground with minimal damage to your existing turf. We also have a mini trencher for tighter areas otherwise inaccessible by machines; minimizing the damage and maximizing your system.

Customers reviews

I have used Water Wizard Irrigation for years. I love working with them. The staff are always pleasant and my lawn never looked better!
Martin R.
Extremely thorough service. Level of work done was excellent! I'll happily choose Water Wizard Irrigation next year and all the years to come!
Donald B.
This is my first experience with Water Wizard. I was impressed with their attention to detail and how great the lawn looked even right after the installation. I will definitely continue to use them.
Virginia K.
Mother of 3

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Water Wizard Irrigation owner and operator, Rob Simon, prides himself on personally conducting all estimates. He is on every new installation,  ensuring every job meets the discussed requirements and is executed in a professional manner.