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Product Infromation
Water Wizard is a authorized installer of almost every brand of sprinkler and sprinkler accessory. What generally happens, Water Wizard Irrigation LLC will install the best product for your application. When looking at a product, It must have certain characteristics for Water Wizard to warranty it.
Product Priorities

   It must be proven

The midwest is a tough climate. A product that has been out on the market for 1 year is not proven. Normally that product was on the market in California for the year. Water Wizard Irrigation LLC likes to put it through our own test. Froze in our freezer, driven over by our trucks, and then the sand and mud test to name a few.

   Cost effective

Any product must be worth the price. There is no need to throw your hard earned money out the window for gimmicks, or over priced parts when other products work more efficient for 2/3 the cost. Particular products are worth the extra cost.

   Obsolete products

Some manufactures change there product every year, making it hard to get parts for the earlier model. They also frequently discontinue, or change products altogether creating even greater problems.

   Must fit the application

WATER WIZARD does not mix and match Rotors with sprays,nor will I install a product that will not work for the job, for example...

...drip with a lake system; this tends to clog the emitters.

...I-20 rotors with a house pressure under 65 lbs pressure. The springs are to strong for the head to properly pop up.

   Hardware store/Do-it-yourself parts

We use only commercial type products; period!

   The longest lasting, least problematic, best performing parts on the market.

A Water Wizard Irrigation LLC sprinkler system includes only the absolute best parts.

A Water Wizard System Includes

HD Blue Poly Pipe - NSF approved with a life time warranty

HD Ontiker Stainless Steel Crimp Clamps - rated to with stand water pressure constant

Hunter PGP Vitra Rotors Advanced design

Hunter PGP Rotors - nations best selling head

Rainbird Rotary Nozzles

Hunter Pro Sprays - unsurpassed wiper seal protection

Rainbird Van Spray Nozzles - simply the best application nozzles on the market

1" 2400T Globe Valves - used primarily as a dirty water valve, works even better on city water application
*not installed with rubber O-ring Durra valve assembles...ground shift, stress, H20/Air causes premature leaks at the fittings

Gel Pack Underground Wire Burial Kits- for all wire splices

Dawn Non-Leak Saddles

Dura 10" Round Valve Boxes - heavy enough for a vehicle to drive on

Hunter Pro C Modular Controller - capable of just about any type of watering needs; easy to understand, EPA Watersense

Hunter Wireless Rain Sensor no ugly wires hanging on outside of house

Hunter Solar Sync EPA Watersense, smart, effecient water saves 25% of your water bill

Paige 18 Gauge Multi-Strand Twisted Wire - when the wire is twisted it helps protect from lightning strikes

Spears Insert Fittings

Wilkins 1" Backflow Preventer With Complete 1" Copper Fittings - some cut corners using PVC pipe or even poly pipe
*Both applications could be deadly because that is all charged water
*Copper is the only safe application

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