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Located in Brooklyn Park, Minneatoa - Water Wizard Irrigation has been serving the Twin Cities Metro Area since 1988.
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    Click the link above for support videos on Hunter's Rotor Series Sprinkler Head With the most reliable rotors in the industry, Hunter has created a series of videos to explain rotor operation, adjustments and servicing.
    Click on the links above for support videos on working with Hunter Controllers. Hunter controllers lead the industry in innovative design, with easy to use programming features and a focus on water conservation. The videos below provide you with information on Hunter controller product features, along with assistance with common programming procedures and functions.
   Click on the link above to view a step-by-step guide on your irrigation backflow.
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Using a tarp for the dirt and areas of large construction not only helps get rid of the bad fill (like large rocks and debris), but keeps excess dirt off your established lawn and landscape for a clean finished job.

By using a sod cutter to cut areas of established grass and by the valve boxes and in areas of hand digging (where locates such as cable TV and gas are) your yard will retain its luster and those areas will heal evenly, compared to just using a shovel.

All licensing, fees and inspections are handled exclusively by Water Wizard. All exterior plumbing is 100% copper pipe which is done by my licensed plumber and all electrical connections are performed by a licensed low voltage electrician.
My main machine can tackle the toughest ground. Recently purchased, it has all the advanced technology and power needed for any/all types of jobs. Fitted with a pipe puller; the machine “sneaks” the sprinkler pipe under ground with minimal damage to your existing turf. We also have a mini trencher for tighter areas otherwise inaccessible by machines; minimizing the damage and maximizing your system.
Speciall tools, like our pie cutter Disc, positioned in front of the blade, is made special in Nebraska to pre-cut sod without causing considerable damage to existing sod and landscape. The Disc, working along with two pressure plates, helps to make a smooth clean slit which allows for quick healing. Typical pipe depth is 8” to 10”.
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